Who is Anastasia Grishman? Why She Has Been Killed? Details & Inside Story

Anastasia Grishman is in the headlines after the brutally attacked and killed a few days ago. In this post, you will learn Who is Anastasia Grishman and all the significant details, and developments related to this murder story.

Anastasia was a very well-known TikTok star and OnlyFans model who was found dead in a bathtub in her St. Petersburg flat after being stabbed in her neck six times. The news has shocked many of her fans and friends who are devastated after hearing the news.

As per many reports, she was assaulted brutally and stabbed in the neck six times. She went missing for a week and after that police found her dead in the bathtub. The prime suspect her boyfriend Dmitry Chernyshov has been arrested by the police and he is under investigation at the moment.

Who is Anastasia Grishman

Anastasia Grishman also known as Anastasia Khamlovskaya was very famous and had millions of followers on TikTok. She was 26 years old adult content creator from Russia who had an OnlyFans profile where she used to post adultery content.

She was very active on social platforms and use to post regularly. Recently She has been seen answering the questions of her fans on social media. It appears as if she was very adventurous and had immense love for tattoos.

Screenshot of Who is Anastasia Grishman

The sudden demise has stunned the people who knew her, especially her fans who are shocked to the core and are demanding justice for her. After founding the body, the police tracked down her boyfriend Dmitry Chernyshov who was involved in many of her OnlyFans videos.

As per reports, her boyfriend has admitted to the murder after being taken into custody. He has been charged with murder case by the court. This TikTok star is not the first one to be killed in 2022 as we have already witnessed 3 murders of popular TikTokers.

Anastasia Grishman Death Reasons

The police have not revealed the reasons behind her murder as she went missing for a week and was found dead killed by a guy who help her film videos. She was inhumanly killed by her boyfriend stabbing her six times in the neck.

The reasons are still unknown but they used to be together for some time now. The TikTok star had 300,000 followers and more than 1 million views. She had also a good following on the OF account and was very active on the platform.

She also worked as a Tattoo artist and had numerous tattoos on her body. On the adult sites, she was known as grshmn, and her content has accumulated millions of views. Everyone who followed her is shocked by her sudden demise.

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Final Verdict

Who is Anastasia Grishman and how she died is not a mystery anymore as we have presented the inside story of her murder as well as a brief biography. That’s all for this one if you have any questions regarding her or the case just post them in the comment section.

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