TikTok AI Death Prediction Filter Trend Explained: How to Use It?

You may be wondering about the new TikTok AI Death Prediction Filter as it has been in the trends on the video-sharing platform in recent weeks. We will discuss all the details about this viral trend and tell you how you can use it.

Every now and then TikTok trends create a lot of buzz on social media. This time a new AI filter has made people do crazy stuff. You may have already seen many videos related to this trend on this platform with creative captions.

For many people, this trend is scary as it predicts how you are going to die. This video-sharing platform is well known for being home to funny, bizarre, and controversial trends such as TikTok Locked Up Trend, Emoji Acting Challenge, Zombies in China, and various others.

What is TikTok AI Death Prediction Filter

The TikTok AI filter trends have been in the spotlight in recent weeks some of them got a tremendous response as is the case for the new AI Death Prediction Filter viral trend on TikTok. It has accumulated millions of views already and is still one of the favorite filters to use.

The content creators are using the AI green screen filter and putting “my death” to witness what images appear as part of this strange fad. Some of the results are very interesting as the pictures look very scary that’s why everyone seems to be talking about it.

Screenshotshot of TikTok AI Death Prediction Filter

With a positive response, there are always a few negative critics same goes for this concept as well with people disliking it. The fad implemented in the videos is the one where users enter random words or phrases, like the name of their lovers or their birthday, to see what image the AI presents.

It is quite similar to the AI ​​doomsday trend from some time ago and it predicts the demise of a user. Once you put anything in writing then the AI makes art out of predicting a person’s death. It has scared some viewers as well so it is not for the soft-hearted personnel.

How to Use TikTok AI Death Prediction Filter

If you are interested in executing the Filter and taking part in the trend then follow the instructions below. Remember this is not a specific filter as the creators use the AI Green Screen filter available on the TikTok app.

  • Launch the application on your device
  • Go to the filters section available in the setting menu
  • Once you apply it, pick an image of yourself or something else and write my death
  • Now covert it into art design using the AI filter
  • Finally, share it with your friends on TikTok

It is trending under multiple hashtags such as #MyDeathPrediction, and #AIDeathPredictor. In case you don’t like the concept and think it’s harmful than just report the videos you see on the platform. The report option is available on the side of every video. Just press the three dots available in the right bottom corner to use the option.  

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Final Words

TikTok trends usually get mixed reactions and create controversies, similarly the TikTok AI Death Prediction Filter bashing from some viewers and positive from others. That’s all for this post and if you have any other queries then share them in the comment section.

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