Sunday, May 29, 2016
“There is no real solidarity shown towards the families of the disappeared”
Fabrizio Lorusso

Interview with Xitlali Miranda Mayo, coordinator of the The Other Disappeared of Iguala Search Committee

Xitlali Miranda Mayo is a psychologist in Iguala, Guerrero. She coordinates the The Other Disappeared of Iguala Search Committee, founded after the disappearance of 43 students from the teachers college in Ayotzinapa on Sep. 26, 2014. The search for students alive uncovered a dramatic situation: the area is littered with unmarked graves and human remains of missing persons in the context of the ongoing internal conflict triggered by the militarization of the territories, the infiltration of organized crime within the state and the so called “war on drugs.”see more
BOLIVIAGender Identity Law is now a reality
Latinamerica Press
Bolivia now has a law that allows people to change name and sexual identity.. see more
Latinamerica Press
Latin America and the Caribbean, Bolivia, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico. see more
COLOMBIAPeace talks bogged down
Sandra López
No definite signing date for the peace agreement to put an end to half a century of armed conflict.. see more
BRAZILPopular resistance in response to the coup
Ana María Guerrero
The temporary suspension from office of President Dilma Rousseff has been answered with protest marches by social and popular sectors opposing the impeachment.. see more
LATIN AMERICA / THE CARIBBEANParis Agreement on climate change: and now what?
Latinamerica Press
This past Apr. 22, 177 countries signed the agreement that will replace the Kyoto Protocol, which will only come into effect if is ratified by 55 countries.. see more
DOMINICAN REPUBLICPresident Danilo Medina reelected
Latinamerica Press
President receives more than 60 percent of the votes in the first round. see more
PERUIndigenous identity must be strengthened
Cecilia Remón
Amazonian Kichwa and Andean Quechua youth see it necessary to strengthen indigenous political representation and institutions.. see more
Javier Llopis Puente*
The assassination of a Guatemalan child by Belizean soldiers on border area unleashes a diplomatic conflict.. see more
LATIN AMERICA“To change the global food system, the subjects of change are the small-scale farmers”
José Elosegui
Interview with Martin Drago, coordinator of the Food Sovereignty Program of the Friends of the Earth International. see more
ARGENTINAHealthy and supportive food
Juan Nicastro
More than 500 families have created a network that supplies of agro-ecological products.. see more

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