Friday, July 31, 2015

The long road to normalizing relations with the United States
Orsetta Bellani

Cuban government demands to the United States the lift of the economic blockade and close the military base in Guantanamo Bay.
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JAMAICAGovernment started the construction of a solar power plant
Latinamerica Press
The project is the most important one in the region and it will provide electricity to about 200,000 households.. see more
BOLIVIAPetroleum exploration puts national parks at risk
Latinamerica Press
Laws allow exploration for hydrocarbon resources in protected areas and indigenous territories. see more
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC“Here protests are not criminalized; here protesters are killed or hurt”
Gabriela Read
Interview with Grabiel Sánchez, leader of a social organization.. see more
PERUThe struggle for women’s reproductive rights
Annalise Falck-Pedersen*
Emergency contraceptives and forced sterilizations continue to be under investigation.. see more
Latinamerica Press
Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Haití, Mexico.. see more
SOUTH AMERICAThe good news of Pope Francis
Latinamerica Press
The Pope gave a hopeful and compromised message in front of millions of people in Bolivia, Ecuador and Paraguay.. see more
PERUInter-American Court of Human Rights rules on hostage rescue operation
Latinamerica Press
The court decided that the state was responsible for the extrajudicial execution of a MRTA member in the Chavín de Huántar operation in 1997.. see more
COLOMBIASenior officers involved in false positive cases
Latinamerica Press
More than 3,700 civilians were executed and presented as guerrilla members killed in combat by military members.. see more
CENTRAL AMERICA“Indigenous communities are not on the agendas of Central American governments”
Tomás Andréu
Interview with indigenous Lenca leader Jesús Amadeo Martínez. see more
VENEZUELA“To be on the side of the poor is not communism, it is pure Christianity”
Paolo Moiola
Interview with Father Pablo Urquiaga Fernández. see more

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