Sunday, April 19, 2015

Corruption and impunity occupy the agenda of social movements
Gabriela Read

Judge linked to the governing party frees a ruling party senator accused of illicit enrichment from judgment and jail.

On March 27, a decision by the Supreme Court of Justice (SJC) defined the agenda of dozens of organizations that mobilized to demand the resignation or firing of this court judges. The groups reacted with indignation to the decision of Judge Alejandro Moscoso Segarra to free the governing party’s Senator Félix Bautista from going to prison and stand trial to face charges of corruption, money laundering, illicit enrichment and falsification of public and private documents.see more
LATIN AMERICAGlyphosate deemed “probably carcinogenic”
Latinamerica Press
Study concludes the highest-selling herbicide in the world is a human health hazard.. see more
LATIN AMERICA / THE CARIBBEANSummit of the Americas sealed reconciliation between Cuba and the United States
Latinamerica Press
At the same time, the People’s Summit made a calling to build and deepen “a new society with social justice and gender equality.”. see more
BOLIVIASocial conflicts in the times of the plurinational state
Fernando Valdivia Antisolis
Indigenous rights clash with a government that declares it is defending Good Living.. see more
GUATEMALACriminalization of indigenous protest intensifies
Louisa Reynolds*
Government imprisons indigenous leaders charged without evidence and accuses human rights organizations to promote terrorism.. see more
MEXICOImprisoned, disappeared and murdered activists
Alberto Buitre
Government is being blamed for the systematic planning of forced disappearances of social activists.. see more
CHILERepression against the “internal enemy”
Arnaldo Pérez Guerra
The strategy for social control to protect the neoliberal model is to criminalize the Mapuche people and social movements.. see more
ECUADORSilence, fear and coercion
Luis ngel Saavedra
Government implements new ways to criminalize and control social protest.. see more
MEXICOThe Agua Azul dispute
Orsetta Bellani
Development of luxury tourism and infrastructure is behind conflicts with common landowners in Chiapas.. see more
PERUOXY will compensate for pollution
Cecilia Remn
An out-of-court settlement establishes a precedent for the conduct of petroleum companies in their dealing with indigenous communities and the environment.. see more
Latinamerica Press
Latin America, Guatemala, Chile, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Suriname.. see more

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