Monday, October 20, 2014

When oil is more important than life
Paolo Moiola

Oil exploitation leaves trail of pollution and death in the Peruvian Amazon.

The dumping of oil waste into the waters of the Marañón, Corrientes, Pastaza and Tigre rivers and the Amazon forest is producing fatal consequences for the local population, mostly to the Kukama ethnic group. The responsible are well-known oil companies, but the Peruvian authorities have not acted with timeliness, making them responsible as well. For years, victims have protested against pollution and violence, but the oil business has always had the upper hand.see more
COLOMBIA“Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed”
Susan Abad
Three of the five points on the agenda for peace negotiations between the government and the FARC have already been approved.. see more
BRAZILSurprising first-round results
Road to reelection turns complicated for President Dilma Rousseff.. see more
LATIN AMERICA / THE CARIBBEANProgress in the fight against hunger
Region reaches goal of reducing undernourishment to less than a half.. see more
ECUADORRebuilding communities: a type of resistance
Luis ngel Saavedra
Communities in the Amazon resort to constitutional rights to recover territories granted to mining companies.. see more
PERUIllegal logging behind deaths of indigenous leaders
Cecilia Remn
Assassination of forest defenders highlights extensive network of logging and the illegal timber trade.. see more
EL SALVADORThe “Yellow Book” of the Armed Forces
Confidential document of military top officials reveals persecution of government opponents during armed conflict.. see more
Latinamerica Press
Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay.. see more
BOLIVIAElectoral results predicted
Latinamerica Press
Everything indicates that Evo Morales will be reelected for a third mandate during the first electoral round.. see more
CHILEWho was behind the bombings?
Arnaldo Pérez Guerra
Authorities seek harder stance with controversial Anti-terrorist Law after attacks.. see more
BRAZILTwo women with leftist origins vie for the presidency
Jos Pedro Martins
Dilma Rousseff and Marina Silva are tied in voter support for the second electoral round.. see more

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