Friday, July 1, 2016
Teachers protest against education reform
Fabrizio Lorusso

Massive street demonstrations by education workers leave at least eight dead in clashes with police.

In the morning of June 19 the blood of protesters and teachers ran through the streets of the Mixteca indigenous community of Nochixtlán, in the southern state of Oaxaca. Eight persons killed by gunfire and a hundred injured was the result of clashes between local residents and teachers of the Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación (CNTE-National Coordinator of Education Workers), and the Federal Police (PF) following a failed attempt of an operation to disperse a road block.see more
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Latin America and the Caribbean, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru. see more
LATIN AMERICA / THE CARIBBEANLabor market policies must be reoriented
Latinamerica Press
ILO study reveals that achievements in the quality of employment in last 15 years have begun to reverse.. see more
PERU“Anti-Fujimorismo” triumphant
Cecilia Remón
For the second time now, the daughter of former dictator is defeated in presidential elections.. see more
COSTA RICAFlow of migrants on their way to the United States
George Rodríguez
Authorities address problem of unwelcomed migration from humanitarian and legal perspective.. see more
SURINAMEPeople take to the streets to confront the government
Latinamerica Press
Thousands of people turned out in Paramaribo to protest against the rising cost of living.. see more
PARAGUAY“Criadazgo” is a form of modern slavery
Latinamerica Press
Boys and girls are given by their families for domestic work in exchange for room and board. . see more
VENEZUELAPoor sectors are the most affected by medicines shortage
Valentina Oropeza
The government attributes the shortage to an economic war which, it points out, affects the import and distribution of medicines and hospital supplies.. see more
PUERTO RICOIn the Republican electoral crossroads
Javier Llopis Puente*
The refusal of Puerto Rican Republican leaders to support Donald Trump in the presidential race of 2016 is another chapter in the complicated history between the Island and the United States.. see more
ECUADOR“The Correa model is for certain a post neoliberal model, but not post capitalist yet”
Paolo Moiola
Interview with priest and Marxist sociologist François Houtart. see more
ARGENTINAFormer dictator convicted for the Operation Condor
Latinamerica Press
Court sentences those responsible for crimes committed by the apparatus of South American dictatorships.. see more

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